Gaetano Barone

Director of Tour Operations & Tour Leader

Born in Cava de’ Tirreni, Gaetano has traveled extensively throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, as well as Central and South America. With a passion for travel and meeting new people from all over the world, he embarked on a career in overland adventure travel. After seven years leading overland tours on five continents, winning a Silver Award at the 2011 Wanderlust World Guide Awards, and three years guiding in Europe, he decided to move back home and bring tourists to Southern Italy.

An avid student of history and culture, Gaetano has lived overseas for more than twelve years and speaks English, Spanish, and French. When not planning travel for others or dreaming up his next adventure, you’ll find Gaetano hiking the Amalfi Coast or photographing archaeological sites.

Kate Feria

Director of Marketing & Business Development
Social Media Manager

Kate has been with GoinItaly from the very beginning. After years of experience as a travel consultant in New York City, Kate helped develop our tour itineraries while also promoting GoinItaly in the United States. In addition to marketing and business development, Kate is in charge of managing GoinItaly’s social media posts. When not working, Kate enjoys traveling all over the world and photographing her travels.

Vera Fortunato

Bookings & Sales Worldwide

Vera has been a leading travel agent for the past 10 years running her own retail travel agency in Cava de’ Tirreni. She manages GoinItaly’s bookings and oversees day-to-day office operations.

Valerie Singer

Bookings & Sales Australia

Valérie was born in Switzerland and has always had a passion for Italy. She lived for over 6 years in Southern Italy, discovering and enjoying the beauty of this part of the world. Valerie loves hiking, rock climbing, Italian food and the Italian language. She now lives in Perth and is very keen to share her passion for Italy and help people organise an unforgettable experience in the Mediterranean region.

Luigi Abate

Trekking Guide

Luigi is a member of the group “Amici di Monte Finestra”, which is responsible for cleaning and maintaining mountain trails in Campania. He loves hiking on the trails of Monti Lattari, Mount Window, the Avvocata and Mills’ Valley.

Lucio Longobardi

Trekking Guide

After receiving  a degree in Political Science, Lucio found his true calling as a trekking guide. Since 2000, Lucio has been leading hikes on all the major trails in Campania, including the Path of the Gods.

When not on the trails, Lucio works as a concierge in a five star hotel on the Amalfi Coast.

Marta Guadagno

Tour Leader & Trekking Guide

Marta is an official local guide of the Campania Region since 2014. She has a Masters Degree in Art History & Cultural Heritage and also speaks Arabic, English, and Portuguese. When not leading tours, Marta works part-time at the Botanical Garden of Salerno and teaches junior and secondary school students in the outdoor sport of Orienteering.

Matteo Laudato

Trekking Guide

Matteo, a lifelong resident of Campania, has traversed the peaks and trails of the Amalfi Coast since he was a child. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and introducing his children to the natural wonders of their country.

Angelo Immediata

Trekking Guide

Angelo works as an engineer and in his spare time he enjoys hiking on the Amalfi Coast trails.