Cilento tour - 7 days

Discover the hidden gems of Southern Italy

7 days tour

Explore the hidden gems of Southern Italy with this 7-day itinerary. Discover the beauty of Cilento, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Southern Italy. Visit the ancient Greek temples of Paestum, hike the Infreschi Bay, and learn about the local cheesemaking tradition at a farm. Take a boat tour, visit a ghost town, check an anchovy laboratory, and sample the local figs and wines.
The Cilento tours are designed to give you a full knowledge of the territory, people, history, uses & tradition of this amazing area of the Campania region. The itinerary includes various activities: food & wine, hiking, local experiences, visit to archaeological sites.

The Grand Tour

Linked to the Cilento area is the so called “Grand Tour”. Term coined by Richard Lassels, a 17th-century Roman Catholic priest and travelling tutor, in his book The Voyage of Italy; travelers, men of culture and adventurers. Young English patricians that one day will lead their country, should complete their studies by observing, under the guidance of a tutor, the customs, habits and history of the Continent. During more than three Centuries, Italy was the destinations of writers, poets, musicians, philosophers, painters. Montesquieu, Goethe, Lamartine, Stendhal, Dickens, Strutt, Lawrence, Jackson, Ramage, Ruskin, Mary Shelley, Byron…

In Southern Italy, travellers were coming to visit the ruins of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum, Velia and the whole Cilento region and Vallo di Diano. In this territory, uncontaminated areas alternate with heavily built-up ones. A unique ecosystem that has earned its inclusion in the exclusive list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.


Cilento National Park

Almost the entire territory of Cilento and Vallo di Diano (80 municipalities) are part of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park. Established in 1991, with 180,000 hectares of surface, it represents the largest protected area in Italy. Is the homeland of the famous MEDITERRANEAN DIET. Described for the first time in 1954 by the American researcher Ancel Keys. He moved in the village of Pioppi, with his wife, and spent the rest of his life there.

On the Cilento tours, you can see the marks left on the territory by the presence of the ancient italic races. Greeks, Samnites, Romans, Byzantines, Saracens, Lombards, Normans, Swabians, Ottomans, Angevins, Aragoneses, and Bourbons. From the magnificent Doric temples of Paestum to the excavations of the ancient city of Velia, where the footsteps of Parmenides can be still heard. You will get an unparalleled natural heritage: valleys and hills, mountains, gorges, rugged cliffs, churches, abbeys, hamlets and villages, castles, farms. Go back in the time when the adventurous travelers of the Grand Tour, on horses and carriages, discovered these places.

What's included

A complete experience with everything you need to enjoy a carefree vacation.
Italy map - Cilento

Tour breakdown

Day 1

Pick-up - Greek temples - Farmhouse

Benvenuti in Campania! Welcome to Campania!

Today will pick you up at the airport, and/or your hotel, and start our journey to the Cilento region.

Our first stop will be the Greek Temples of Paestum. With a local guide you will find out about the hsitory of this Greek settlement, built in the VII century B.C., and the museum.

Afterward we have a short drive to reach a local cheese farm (caseificio), for a guided tour of the place, followed by a lunch.

Transfer to the Farmhouse who will be our base for the next 6 nights.

Included meals: Lunch, and Dinner

Day 2

Infreschi bay Hike - Boat tour - Ghost village

After breakfast we drive to the town of Camerota, where there’s one of the most beautiful places of Cilento, the Infreschi Bay, a Protected Marine Reserve, a natural harbour on a stretch of coast totally untouched by human being. It starts from Marina di Camerota, passing through the magnificent beaches of Pozzallo and Cala Bianca, the latter in 2017 awarded the title of the most beautiful beach in Italy.

Between carob, myrtle, mistletoe and beautiful broom plants, the path takes us to the last destination of this fantastic journey, the beach of Porto Infreschi with its emerald waters, a veritable paradise on earth.
Time to relax and swimm in this paradise, before taking the boat back into town, and walk to the Garden where we will have an included lunch, with wine.

After the coffee we will walk back into our van and drive to the Ghost Town of San Severino di Centola.

Drive back to the farmhouse. Dinner.

Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 3

Roccagloriosa - Animal farm

After breakfast we have a 30 minutes drive to reach the town of Roccagloriosa and have a stroll around. Once we reach the ruins of the castle on top of the hill, we will have an amazing view of the entire territory.

Short dirve to reach the Animal Farm, where you are going to have a full local experience. From the life of the goats in the farm, through milking, to processing dairy. Food education at km 0!!! What do you know about cheese making? We want to take you into the magical world of dairy production, and introduce you to our products, about the animals they have there and what they produce.

Transfer back to the farmhouse.

Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 4

Path of Lovers hike - Cheese factory

Today we drive to the coastal town of Ascea for an easy hike. The Path of the Lovers is only few km long and quite easy, but at the same time very spectacular, with beautiful views of the coast, the mountains, and the sea.

Once we finish, we have a short drive to the cheese factory Tenuta Chirico, where we will learn more about the cheese production and what they do in this family-run Caseificio.

Included meals: Breakfast, Cheese tasting and Dinner

Day 5

Punta Licosa hike - Edible Plants Experience

After breakfast we have an hour drive to San Marco di Castellabate, for another beautiful hike: Punta Licosa. This is one of the most fascinating hikes of the Cilento region.

A path that runs along the entire coast and offer you the naturalistic beauty of this land. It forces you to stop and enjoy the views and details.

With Dionisia, a local expert in Botany & Herbalism, we will discover, recognize & pick edible plants and flowers, that we’ll eat later in her kitchen.

Time to relax in her garden and backyard, surrounded by plants & flowers.

Drive back to the farmhouse.

Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 6

Figs factory - Vineyard

After breakfast we have an hour drive to reach the town of Prignano Cilento, set up in the mountains. Today you will visit the Santomiele Figs Factory, where you will learn about the figs production. After the tour, there’s a tasting with wine, included.

We, then, move to a local vineyard, for a tour with, of course, wine-tasting!!

Drive back to the farmhouse.

Farewell dinner for the final meal and to raise one last toast to our Cilento adventure.

Included meals: Breakfast, Figs & Wine Tours and Dinner

Day 7

Transfer back - End of tour

Enjoy your breakfast at leisure. After we load our bags, we say goodbye to the farmhouse and transfer back to your hotel, and/or the airport. Your tour leader can assist you with additional tours, post-tour accommodation, or transfers.

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Dates on request – Price per person – single supplement € 250

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